The Chosen Ones

This project allowed me to draw inspiration from my favorite sources: underground zines, punk album covers; and my own love of raw, gritty textures. It was a dream job, where the client was super stoked on anything I made and I was encouraged to get experimental!

I really wanted the letters the titles to have handmade feeling, with little to no replications like I saw in a lot of hand-lettered styled fonts. I didn’t even make a proper typeface, actually: I just kept copying and pasting the letters from my one Photoshop document, skewing and adding to or subtracting from them. I used charcoal for lap time letters, illustration elements, plus some early Kyle brushes. Then I pulled the layers into AfterEffects to add animation effects before handing it the files over to VOLT Studios to integrate.

The entire feature film was 20 minutes long, so a huge thanks to Dan Helgemoe for makin' the cutdown y’all see above!

Optional title exploration

Full alphabet


additional goodies

example lap time animation



Client: Double URXXX Productions
Studio: Gasket Studios
Post Production/Compositing: VOLT Studios
Art Direction: Gregory Shultz
My roles: Animation, typography, illustration